The major hurdle in getting Android to a usable state on the Axim X50v/X51v is hardware support. These pages are for discussing hardware drivers - see below for a summary of the current status of key hardware.

Some information on various pieces of hardware (including a list of GPIOs) can be found on the wiki.

Jerome Duval has discovered that the PXA line has been sold to Marvell, who have some documentation available - this may or may not assist in the development of hardware drivers.


Device Status People working on it
Wireless (WiFi) In progress Paul Nicholls, Max Fierke
PCMCIA (PC Card slots - used for CF and WiFi card) In progress Paul Nicholls
Bluetooth In progress Paul Nicholls
Graphics (Intel 2700G) Never
Sound Working Paul Burton
CPLD In progress Paul Burton

Note: Cron is now off the project as his Axim was stolen during a home burglary. Best wishes all !!!!

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