If you're at all familiar with the Linux kernel, hardware drivers and C programming, your help would be appreciated. Follow the steps below to get your development environment set up:

Downloading the Kernel Edit

Ertan's original AxDroid patch applies to the android-2.6.29 kernel branch, so you'll need to grab a copy of the Android kernel from git, and then switch to the android-2.6.29 branch:

$ mkdir android
$ cd android
$ git clone git:// kernel
$ cd kernel
$ git checkout --track -b android-2.6.29 origin/android-2.6.29

Downloading and applying the Patch Edit

Download Ertan's patch into the "kernel" folder - you may wish to use wget:

$ wget

Next, apply the patch to your kernel source:

$ git am 0001-AxDroid-Dell-Axim-x51v-patches.patch

EABI Toolchain Edit

In order to be able to build the kernel, you'll need the EABI cross-compiler toolchain. The CodeSourcery G++ Lite EABI toolchain works well. Download and install that, or your choice of alternative.

Building the Kernel Edit

Once you have the EABI toolchain set up and in your PATH environment variable, you should be able to compile the kernel using the following commands:

$ make aximx50_static_defconfig
$ make

As you make your changes, you can recompile the kernel by simply running `make` from the android/kernel folder. The compiled zImage will appear in android/kernel/arch/arm/boot. Replace the zImage from the original Alpha release with the new zImage from that folder on your SD card, and try booting it with HaReT!