Known Hardware Info Edit

The wireless chipset in the X50v/X51v appears to be a Texas Instruments ACX100. There is a driver project which may be of assistance, although it may be necessary to extract the firmware from a Windows Mobile ROM.

Status Edit

Paul Nicholls has now successfully compiled an acx.ko and a kernel which it will happily run on - however, the driver is unable to detect any cards. This appears to be due to a lack of PCMCIA driver support, so Paul is currently working on PCMCIA drivers in order to move the wireless support project forward.

Update: PCMCIA driver hopefully nearly done! See PCMCIA for further details and updates. This page will be updated when PCMCIA driver support is complete.


Cron has extracted the chipset firmware from WinMo 6.1 Pro, and made it available for download from:

This appears to be the firmware rather than the driver itself (as initially reported by Cron) - so should be able to be used in conjunction with the acx100 drivers. It may be necessary to use supplemental firmware (for the radio chipset) along with it, or it may be a combined firmware image - in both cases, it is likely necessary to identify the Radio ID of the module (common Radio IDs appear to be 0x11 and 0x0D, with 0x15 and 0x16 also possibly being used; 0x0D appears to be for a PCMCIA chipset). This is because, in order to use this firmware with acx100, it will need to be renamed according to the acx100 driver documentation - which (except for a base firmware image without radio firmware, which would still require a correct and correctly-named supplementary radio firmware) means including the Radio ID in the file name in order for it to be loaded by the driver.

Good call mate.  There seems to be problems compiling the driver if the radio id is not set correctly in the filename.  I haven't had any luck yet.  Keep getting compiling errors and no .KO file to try out.        -cron

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